TLH for a Giant Multiheaded Fibroid uterus. 2.5 Kg

Laparoscopic surgery is the best option for all gynaecological illnesses. Time of Open surgery has ended. We are routinely doing all types of gynaecological surgeries laparoscopically. Do a research about the types of surgeries before letting yourself into one.

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CME was Organized on 25 Sep 2021 on Health Card Facilities in Private Hospitals

CMO Kullu was the chief guest and he also uprised the doctors of kullu district about the Health Card Facilities in Private Hospitals.

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Cashless Operations for Health card holders

Ayushman Bharat and Himacre healthcards are accepted at all our hospitals. Hundreds of patients have benfitted with advanced and hitech surgeries free of cost.

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Highest quality surgical care in the region at promised price